Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My rainbow jar

How fun is this? A jar full of thread all the colors of the rainbow. When I first joined my stitching list For The Love Of Stitching,
I had not used any of the various overdyed or varigated threads out there on the market. It was simply a fear of trying them out in a design. What started this was the free Quaker sampler you can see behind the jar. It was my very first SAL I had participated in which I stitched in DMC thread as I always did. Diane (who has since become a dear friend to me ~ waving hi Diane!) was using Carrie's threads for her sampler. As we shared photos of our developing samplers, hers was turning out more beautifully as she went along. The more she stitched, the better the colors of her thread were coming out. She told me about using the thread and I finally conquered my fear and ordered a skein after I found out there was a supplier here in Holland. They are great to stitch with and the colors are real fun. I still use my trusty DMC for many things but am also experimenting with designs that work for these overdyed threads too.

You can see and read about Carrie's Threads at:


if you don't know these threads.


Nancy said...

The threads give you a gorgeous display jar Heidi! Your Quaker Sampler looks so pretty finished and framed.


Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Heidi, your threads are so pretty displayed in your jar! Everything you've stitched is just beautiful. I also really love the bunny garland...adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I hope you'll come back again soon!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! First, they look GORGEOUS in the jar OR anywhere else you want to put them..hee hee! I feel famous, too! I am so happy to have inspired someone, but it isn't close to how much YOU have inspired ME!!

Solstitches said...

Your threads look so beautiful in the jar Heidi. Seems to me you'll need to buy TWO sets - one to use and one to admire :)

Anonymous said...

The threads look so pretty in the jar. Good for you to experiment! It's hard sometimes to break out of the way we do things. I haven't used any of the variegated threads myself but Joanne sent me some in our Valentine swap which I'm excited to try! ♥

CONNIE W said...

What a creative to store and display your threads at the same time. I love jars and use them for so many purposes.