Monday, April 30, 2007

The granny square craze

If you read lots of blogs, you will have noticed there is a craze going on right now with making granny squares. I don't crochet and told me mother I would love another new granny square afghan. I have the one my grandmother made of all my mother's scrap yarn which is the typical black with bright colors. My mother is making these granny squares for me with lighter colors to go with my quilt I am making for our bed. It is all floral fabrics in creams, yellows, pinks, beige and sage green. We were chatting to each other last night online while she was crocheting and I asked her to take a photo of the squares so I could see them. I can't wait to have them to sew together into a new afghan.


Olha...e se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida... said...

oh, they're gorgeous! And it's all gonna look so cool together! I wish I remembered how to crochet again. My granny taught me when I was 9 and since then I got into knitting and totally forgot! ;-(

Nancy said...

I love granny square afghans Heidi, and this one will be so pretty in these colors. I had one once that was just one huge granny square with fringe! Looks like someone collects sheep - how cute.


Solstitches said...

I haven't seen any blogs that mentioned crochet granny squares but seeing these is making me want to reach for yarn and crochet hook!
But before I get carried away I need to finish up the pineapple pattern afghan that's been lying around for months with only fiftenn rows needed to finish it.
Your afghan is going to be so pretty Heidi. Lucky you to have mom making it for you.

Anonymous said...

Those colours are gorgeous! I can't wait to see them all sewn together. Will you sew them together or will your mom do that? I noticed the Friendship Book in the photo ... my mom gives one to me every Christmas! ♥