Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sip 'n Stitch Sunday

Today, we had the Sip 'n Stitch at my home. It was the first time I had Harmien, Barbara and Annemarie to my house. I really enjoyed the day together and preparing a High Tea for us all. It took us a while to get to the table as I showed them my home and then we looked through a number of my quilts and quilt tops.

Our menu was:
Zucchini soup
Stuffed vine tomatoes
Italian ham rolls
Cucumber tea sandwices
Friesian smoked 'droge worst' (sausage)
Oreo truffels
Fresian sugar bread
Pot du Creme au Chocolat
Strawberry buttermilk floats

As table favors, I had asked them a favorite color before they came and made them each a beaded scissor fob which I laid at each plate along with a strand of Carrie's Thread. I kept the table favor stitching themed.

I felt totally spoiled as if it was Christmas as I received a pinkeep made for me by Harmien, two speculaas moulds to add to my collection from Barbara and a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a package of quilt fabrics in chocolate brown and pinks from Annemarie. Thank you all three so very much, first for the company to brighten a Sunday and then also for your wonderful gifts!

You can enlarge the slideshow by clicking on a photo.


Tanya said...

Oh Heidi! What a delight this must have been - the table is lovely and the settings so pretty. I bet you all had a splendid time.

Tanya :)

anneke said...

What a great day the four of you must have had! It looks very appealing! Is there any stitching done too?? Love your table settings and your gifts for your guests.

mainely stitching said...

That's a beautiful slideshow you created!

What a wonderful day, Heidi! I feel like a new woman! :D And I'm very geared up to do some stitching!!

Thank you SO MUCH for welcoming us so graciously into your lovely home. Thank you to Jos and Dagi, too!

Pondside said...

What a lovely afternoon you must have had! The table looks beautiful - how thoughtful of you make such individual favours. Was there much stitching done?

Tammy said...

Pure and simple...LOVELY!

Nancy said...

That looks so yummy. You are a wonderful hostess. Hope you have a better night tonight now, and also,
call the doctor in the morning. Your gifts are really nice both given and received.
Love you, Mom

faerieeva said...

It looks so magnificent. I always feel refreshed after a peek at your blog.

lena-lou said...

Oh gosh Heidi I think you created a most beautiful day for your (our) stitching friends that we know through the blogs. So much time and thought with attention to detail !! Wish I could have come too . Your hands look really tiny and dainty on the picture Barbara has shown, true crafting hands :)

Take care

Deb said...

My goodness! What a wonderful table! It's lovely and everything looks and sounded delicious.

DonnaTN said...

It looks like you had a lovely day. Your menu sounded wonderful. Your gifts for the ladies and what you received from them are so fun and thoughtful.

onlymehere said...

What a fun idea and beautiful table!

Annemarie said...

Oh my, the pictures are making my mout water all over again!

Thank you, once again, for such an amazingly relaxing day. I hope you had a good night!

hazel c UK said...

What a wonderful time you all must have had together, the table is exquisite and the food looks so delicious. You must have worked very hard Heidi especially has you had not been feeling very well. Love Hazel (UK)

Angela said...

Well, Heidi, You excelled yourself - if that is at all possible :>) The table setting looks straight out of a House Beautiful magazine (and that is the right magazine as your house IS beautiful - I'm getting fond of capitals ..haha) The food looks mouthwatering and the gifts exchanged so lovingly, were simply perfect. I'm so glad you had such a lovely day. You deserve it :>)
Hugs Angela

Sonja said...

Heidi, that looks really wonderful! You did a great job there. Your table looks perfect and the gifts you gave are so thoughtful!
Your house looks so welcome for the ladies.

Tracy said...

Such fun...thanks for sharing the great day with us! And love the new look here, Heidi :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

What a treat it all was, Heidi, thank you so very much!!

Joni said...

What a lovely table and the food made my mouth water. I love the table favors and the gifts they brought you. You must be so excited by those molds! I'm glad you had such a great day.

Susan in SC said...

How perfectly wonderful for your friends and for you!

Susan in SC

Deb said...

Such a special time with my stitching friends!! I'm so envious. I know you all had a wonderful time and it lifted all your hearts to be together for this beautiful teatime. Were'nt An's flowers gorgeous! And the food looked so yummy. Your gifts were so pretty and thoughtful, too. I've been a recipient of Harmien's beautiful stitchery and finishing so I just can imagine how great her pinkeep is. Heidi, I hope the tea also made your heart and mind more at peace and gave you some time of joy. Feel better soon! Hugs, Deb