Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ohio ~ new beginnings...

After so many finishes, it is time to share a new beginning...

I mentioned that I planned to start one of my Ohio samplers after I finished Silent Sampler. I decided this weekend would be a great time to devote to beginning the first of a series of samplers that I intend to make for an Ohio wall in my home. I thought this would be fun to do since I am originally from Ohio. I got the initial idea a couple of years ago when I bought the book "Ohio Is My Dwelling Place" by Sue Studebaker. This book is eye candy for any stitcher but a must have for any Ohioian whether you live there or elsewhere. Ohio never leaves your heart!

Edit - January 8, 2009 - I have deleted all entries pertaining to the MB circe 1810 sampler I was working on after receiving an email from the designer, who I do not know, sharing her opinion about my changing a color in the design. This was done not to offend but because the color was not visible on the linen. I am sorry that I am no longer able to share this with my readers.

Have you ever considered doing a series of samplers dedicated to your own area that you are from?


Elizabethd said...

Heidi, that is so lovely. I do like the faded colours you are using.
My cross stitch collection is from the 'Told in a Garden' range and I am working my way through scenes of family life amongst the Amish. The plan is to do one for each of the seven grands!

Annemarie said...

That is a lovely looking sampler, Heidi!
In fact, I'm thinking of adding a couple of Dutch buildings to my MM&IRR, and I have 'Dutch Beauty' which I intend to stitch one day.

Hope you're warm and healthy!

Nancy said...

No, I have not ever considered doing a series and I won't. LOL. You make them and I will enjoy looking at them. It is going to be very pretty. Happy stitching.
Love you, Mom

Barbara said...

Heidi, I love the colors for your sampler. Now, I may have to find some motifs to do a sampler for Missouri.

Suzann said...

Heidi - This sampler is beautiful. I love the colors. The fact that it is historic just makes it all the better. I wish I could find samplers for my home state of Illinois. I know exactly where I could create a little section devoted just to historic samplers.

hazel c UK said...

This is going to be beautiful Heidi I so love these colours. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Hazel

Tracy said...

Hi, Heidi! This is really lovely...and what a wonderful idea! You'll have a little be of home right at home there! ;o) It's been years since I did much in the way of cross stitch, used to do a lot of it. Many years ago I made a framed cross-stitch I worked and gave as a gift to my sister--it had Pennsylvania Dutch motifs among the design, PA being where I'm from, and big Amish country there! The life and arts from there being very inspiring to me. Looking forward to seeing your finished pieces in time. Happy week, and happy stitching my friend ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see the finished Ohio wall; what a clever idea! If you need some inspiration, you could always come home for a visit!!!


Nancy said...

OHHHHHHHH Eric, I so agree. I bet the whole stitching group, not to mention the family also agrees.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Okay Heidi,

That settles it. When do we pick you up from the airport.


Carolien said...

Hihi, that will have to wait a little time ... not now! But yours is beautiful, the colours are nice.

Happy stitching & hugs, Carolien

Saskia said...

Hi Heidi,
Love the sampler, but there are still some samplers (or the dutch word for it; 'merklappen') unfinished somewhere in the cupboard. Don't want to look for them yet...
And great Idea to go to Ohio!
I will carry you and your bags, I'am sort of an nurse,(take care of old people) so I can take care of you during the trip over..LOL
But maybe we have to try a weekend at cranberry cottage first.
Let me check my working scedule and I will let you know.
I know I have the weekend of 7,8,9 of november off, the next two weekends are booked.
Not sure about the last.
let you know.
Hugs from Rover

ps. How did you guess about the bag of money as a christmas present???
It's a small bag, but its not filled with money..

Linda said...

Hedi, samplers are a favorite of mine and this is going to so pretty...I love the colors I am seeing.
Your Ohio wall will be great...a little touch of home with you always....I'm looking forward to it....hugs, Linda

p.s. We are both gadget challenged too...thank goodness for our daughter:). L.

Sweetie said...

Hi Heidi, This is my first visit to NeedleNecessities. You are a very talented individual - the historic samplers are lovely. It really like the idea of an Ohio Wall. I was wonderful talking to your mother. We really have a lot in common. She is a very special lady.

Anonymous said...

O no Heidi,Saskia is the driver and I'am the nurse,I go with you LOL.
Je bent een ster in het borduren heidi,in 1981 heb ik een merklap geborduurd,hij is mooi maar het is niets voor mij,ik laat het graag aan jou over.
Big hug Joke.

Heidi said...

Hey Heidi! Thanks for pulling me back into cyberspace again! What a wonderful idea to make a wall dedicated to your home, Ohio. This is a beautiful sampler, made more so by your very talented hands!

many hugs,

Anonymous said...

Heidi, it was so nice checking in on your blog & seeing what you've been up to! I love the idea of wall of samplers from Ohio. You're off to a beautiful start on that sampler!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Heidi, your Ohio sampler is so pretty with the faded colors and I love the idea of making a wall of samplers with a theme of where you are from. I have a wall of samplers that I made that all have an Americana feel - most have flags and are nautical in theme. I am drawn to anything sea related or Americana.

Do share your wall when all done and happy x stitching!!


Pondside said...

What a great idea - but I don't think there are many patterns that feature my far-away home, Cape Breton Island. I look forward to seeing the wall as it is filled!
I love the colours on this sampler!!

Meari said...

Your sampler looks great so far

Solstitches said...

I haven't see that design before but it's just perfect for you. Such lovely colours. It will be a joy to stitch I'm sure.

Fran├žoise said...

ooo so lovely!!!