Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quilter's exhaustion but life is a quilt...

That is what I am feeling at this moment BUT it is finished. I got my last border completed. Well, this will not be my very last as there is a piece of pretty floral chintz which also belongs to this fabric collection and I want to place a border of it around the patchwork. I used it a little in the quilt but it is a large floral and needs a large enough area to be visible.

Tonight is the quilt group once again and I really wanted to have my own medallion quilt ready in time. I am also getting the sampler prepared for our new project we are starting tonight. I snapped a not very good photo of the quilt top to share it with you between getting things ready. Click on the photo to see more detail after you read the story behind this last part. I promise you a better photo soon.

The last border was to be a symbol of your current surroundings and your hopes and dreams of the future.

My blocks have a constant path (tiny 1 inch squares) moving in and out of each block. This is the path we all walk in life. I changed the pink and red fabrics on this path as it travelled along to show how life is constantly changing as I walk. The fabrics are also all various beiges and creams as background symbolizing the backdrops of life are also constantly different - where I live, what my current activities in life are and who those are around me. Every once in a while, there is a star visible out of the background. Those are the major moments in life which, good or bad, create beauty in life. For this I challanged myself to use the blues in the series as it is not a favorite color of mine to use. This color shows that often times something beautiful comes of something that seems bad. I find that in life, the moments that are difficult most often create a positive and shining effect afterwards. So what starts off as negative (blue fabric) becomes a beautiful star when seen from a distance. I just need to stand back from the detail and look at the whole. The green stars represent the moments that are very positive from the outset and immediately beautiful.

Thus I have quilter's exhaustion. Is it bedtime yet? *smiles*


Anonymous said...

Great, you fixed it in time! Now I have to say only just one word: MAGNIFICENT.
Hugs, Elly

Nancy said...

This is sooo pretty, and so much thought has gone into this and every one of the quilts your ladies have made. I hope you take pictures and show all of them finished now.
Hope you got at least a little rest before they got there. One thing for sure, they brighten your evening, they are all so much fun.
Love you, Mom
PS: I love the blue LOL

mainely stitching said...

This is an AMAZING quilt. It's a visual feast. And knowing the stories behind the design just makes it so much richer. WOW. You should be thrilled.

Go to bed now. ;)

diane said...

You are obsessed! LOL You produce beautiful results and I love the story behind the quilt, it makes me see the details so much better. Congrats!!

Elizabethd said...

I'm not surprised you have quilters exhaustion Heidi!
The quilt is just beautiful.

Barbara said...

Heidi, your quilt is beautiful, and I love the story behind it. No wonder you are exhausted, you need to slow down, dear friend.

Suzann said...

And THIS is why I long to quilt. The quilt in and of itself is lovely, but the story that is behind it makes it priceless. I've probably read this post a dozen times and gone back and clicked on the photo probably double that and yet the story still pulls at my heartstrings while the beauty of the quilt soothes my spirit.
Heidi, you are a woman to be admired!

Miss Jean said...

Awesome! This is truly a prize to savor and cherish. This is something for all quilters to strive for. Not being able to just quilt, but to put our heart and soul into what we do. Kudos!!

Linda said...

This piece is just wonderful. When I first looked at it, I thought, oh how pretty. Then when I read your story it just became beautiul...a treasure from your heart. Hugs, Linda

Carolien said...

My goodness, what a work this must have been for you! All those tiny squares ... but the result is great. It is a beautiful border!

Hugs, Carolien

Solstitches said...

It has been a pleasure to go on this quilting journey with you.
I've enjoyed the stories and am rather sad it has come to an end.
However, the quilt top is gorgeous.
I love the colours, the design and I know from having seen an example of your work that it will be perfect in every way.
Congratulations on another masterpiece!