Monday, May 05, 2008

Sorry to be away so long.....

Hello my dear friends! I have been so long in posting on my blog. As you know, I have my mother visiting. I am off to the airport tomorrow morning to pick up three of my online friends who are joining us for a week. It is going to be great fun! I have known these ladies for three years but we have never actually met each other. Both my mother and I are looking forward to this time together. I think it is going to be like an adult version of a young girl's slumber party. Let's just hope Jos survives it all. He has taken the whole week off work to chauffeur one of the cars needed for all the sightseeing.

I have been busy working on some items for gifts but have to wait until tomorrow and the ladies have seen them before I can share some photos with you. In the meantime, here is a purse fob I made for another blogging friend. She reads my other blog so I am safe to share this little finish with you. She is a garden lover so I made this with a little butterfly.

I will share the photos of the gifts I made later this week. I am not able to get around to the blogs as I normally do but want to say hello and that I miss you all.


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi
I understand you didn't have time to post on your Blog, it doesn't matter because we think of you while you enjoy the time with your mother. Have a good time with meeting your friends. I will see you, your mother and the ladies on Wednesday. Look forward to it! Heel veel groetjes, Elly

Nancy said...

I am so anxious to meet Angela, Hazel and Joni. It is going to be great seeing all the quilt ladies on Wednesday evening also. What fun that they are cooking dutch dishes for us too.
Love you, and happy I am here with you.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,
It sounds like your having a great time with your mum and what alot of fun you will have when your friends arrive.Love the gift and look forward to seeing what else you have made.Enjoy.Thanks for the comments on my blog and I didnt think of charlie as a duster, great idea!

Carolien said...

The purse fob looks fabulous, Heidi! And I hope you will have some wonderful days with your friends!!!

Take care & hugs, Carolien

P.S. Jos will survive. André is still alive with ONLY women around ;)

Karen said...

Love the fob - you put together such pretty ones. Have a lovely time with your blogging buddies

Hugs - Karen

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweet friend! How exciting to hear about your puppy! I am thrilled for you and Jas! Will Dagi adapt? Hope so!!!! What kind is the pup? A Korgi? Let me know cause I am on pins and needles here - like an expectant auntie!

We are fine..just staying busy...nose to the sewing machine so to say. Plenty to make my days full.

Sure miss you, but so understand! I really didn't think you'd blog at all whilst visiting. Hi to mom and enjoy the rest of the group!

love ya,

becky and doogie
hugs to Dagi!!

Susan in SC said...

How lovely! I hope you all have a wonderful time visiting with each other~ Susan

Pondside said...

This sounds like fun - wishing you lots of it!!