Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beatrix Potter

My stitching list started this sampler as a SAL at the beginning of February. I am only just starting on mine and will have to work hard to try to catch up with them in the coming couple of weeks. Roberta is leading this one and is giving us easy assignments so I think I can be on track with them fairly quickly. I decided on off white farmer's linen and DMC 919.

Whenever I do a historical sampler, I like to read a book that pertains to it, if possible. This is easy with such a sampler and I am reading "The Tale of Beatrix Potter" by Margaret Lane. This book was published three years after Beatrix Potter's death in 1943 and has been rereleased. Here is a wonderful excerpt from the introduction which the author wrote in her diary after visiting the widowed William Heelis in Sawrey:

" 'The imprint of her personality,' I wrote in my own diary that evening after my long hours with Mr. Heelis, 'was on every chair and table. Her clothes still hung behind the door, her geraniums trailed and bloomed along the window-sill, her muddles lay unsorted at one end of the table while he took his meals at the other, even a half-eaten bar of chocolate with her teeth-marks in it lay among the litter of letters on her writing-table.' "

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I love your thread holder, Heidi!