Thursday, July 26, 2007

A busy day

Today has been a busy day. I am trying to work through my ironing, declutter some drawers, and sew more notebook covers. I finished two more covers today. My ironing is down to the last couple of shirts and the junk drawer is still being sorted through. In between, I have been sitting to rest while doing some stitching. I talked to my nieces today. They are both beautiful and talented women. One is discovering she has a great talent for redwork as she does her blocks for a redwork memory quilt for my mother (her grandmother). My other niece just set up her new blog today and I thought I would share this link with you. She is a fanatic scrapbooker and does custom layouts. The photo above is one of her layouts and you can read more about it and its background and inspiration on her blog

I was talking to my good friend Nancy online about our pinkeep baskets a while back. I took a photo of mine which is overflowing now. Two are not even in the basket as they are on display downstairs. I think it is really time I go out and find a new basket for them, don't you think? I am planning my next pinkeep now so I can take it along this weekend. This is definately the year of the pinkeep for me!


Anonymous said...

I think I need to send you my
Lilliput Chocolate Shoppe so you
can display it with your pinkeep.
Love you, Mom

Kristen said...

Aunt Heidi, I love all of your pinkeeps! You are so creative! I may not have gained your organizational skills, but I am thankful for the wonderful dedication that you have to crafting because, that, I have been greatly inspired by! I love you very much!

Nancy said...

Heidi your pinkeep basket is so fun and beautiful! Thanks again for teaching me how to make these wonderful little treasures. It looks like your niece has inherited some of her aunt's creativity!