Friday, May 11, 2007

Quilted WIP roll finished

Here is the quilted WIP roll completed. I finally sat down last night and sewed the bias binding on. I really love this! It contains some of my favorite fabrics in my stash.

Inside I used some of Moda's sampler fabric which really comes out best used in something like this with a larger area where you can really view the various sampler prints on it. I had this in my stash also.

What a special way to store any stitching while you are waiting to finish it. This idea was something that my friend Diane found online on a French blog. She sent me the link: and I thought it was so adorable and yet so simple that I would make her one. I will be making one for myself now. The top is sewn together and I have to cut the lining and start quilting it.


Nancy said...

Heidi this is gorgeous and such a clever idea! I love how you used the sampler fabric.


diane said...

WOW! I am speechless..... It is beautiful and I love the fabrics, EVERY one of them. The sampler fabric is so appropriate and I think this WIP roll will see a great deal of use. It will also be a reminder of your great generosity and talent! : )

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! I have an aunt that is quite a quilter that could put something like this on my Christmas wish list! She is a wonderful person that lives in Amersfort and has a few blogs of her own. I love her soooooooooo much. You are amazing! I have no idea how you get all of the projects you have going completed, but should find some extra time, your quiting challenged niece would love one of these. :)Love you bunches! Kristy

tempus fugit said...

It's beautiful Heidi !
Thanks for the link to my blog :-)

Lavender Rose said...

So precious, Heidi! I like this idea for a little changing mat for my baby granddaughters!