Thursday, May 03, 2007

Granny squares afghan WIP

Here is the latest progress on granny squares afghan my mother is making for me. She was originally planning on sending me a few squares at a time and some yarn for me to sew them together. She has now decided to crochet them together herself instead. She is talking about adding a scalloped edge to it after all the squares are together. It is fun watching this take shape through the photos. I love it.

There was a comment that it looks like my mother collects sheep when I posted the first photo. Yes, she does. She buys the most incredible wool here from a lady with sheep on her farm here in Holland and has started collecting sheep. I think she needs a real one in the yard to 'mow' her grass for her, don't you?


Nancy said...

Your afghan is so pretty Heidi, and it looks so soft. What a treasure this will be made by your mother! Hey, maybe you can send her a sheep for Mother's Day!


Solstitches said...

I love how this is starting to come together.
Lucky you to have your mom do this for you. You've set me off wanting to do some grannies but I'm not sure how many more crafts I can handle!

Tanya said...


diane said...

What a beautiful afghan and such a lovely present from your mom! My first afghan ever was granny squares in a very ugly, brown, orange and yellow combination!! Surely a product of the '70's!!
Enjoy yours!!!