Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quilt group theme project for May

Nothing like changing things around at the last minute! I have had the May project for the quilt group ready for a month now so thought I was well prepared. I decided very early this morning that I did not like my June project or the set up of the monthly newsletter. I have to have things prepared and give them a list of needed items a month in advance. I got up at 7 am and redid the newsletter. Now my printer is acting up and I have only 6 of the 14 newsletter printed. I have to wait until my husband who is the computer wiz gets home to see what is wrong.

I took a picture of the project right after I finished it. It is based on the heart pincushion pattern that Eliza Leslie used in her book "The American Girl's Book" in the 1800s. This pattern is so simple and fun. I found it in the magazine "Early American Life". You could also used a stitched triangle. We are making all our accessories to match for the quilt theme so I used a piece of the fabrics I picked out for this year. Next month, I will show you a photo of all the items together again. This year will end with us sewing a 'huswif' or 'hussif'.


diane said...

What a neat idea. I have never seen the heart/needle cushion before. I hope your group enjoys it! Can't wait to see the huswif!

Anonymous said...

What a lot of work you have set yourself. I hope you managed to get it all done to your satisfaction.
I love the little heart project. I have seen these stitched and they were called pentibuilles (sp?)They are so pretty.zou
I love the sound of the huswif (as you can imagine) and can't wait to see it.
Hugs, Angela

Lavender Rose said...

Dear Heidi,
Love this heart pincushion! I also write a Newsletter for our local ANG in FL. (American Needlepoint Guild) May I use your idea in my next 'letter which will come out in June? Love the fabric you've chosen, as well. I always have that awful little printing demon hit just when I need to get the Newsletter out...any other time, everything is working like clockwork! Deb

Solstitches said...

What a lovely project you have chosen for the quilt group ladies this month Heidi. Your group are so very lucky to have you as their leader as everything you do is so nice.
I am eagerly anticipating seeing the full collection of sewing accessories grouped together.
Hope your printer problems are now resolved.

Nancy said...

Hi Heidi!

This heart pincushion is so beautiful! I love the design, and the fabric you have chosen is just perfect for a heart. Of course your personal finishing touches of lace and ribbon make it very special. What a lucky quilt group!

Have fun,

Anonymous said...

ooo it's a very good idea!!!!
thanks thanks Heidi
Have a wonderfull day

Tanya said...

Wow! Heidi, you just continue to amaze me with your needleworker's talent :) That project looks so cool.

Lana said...

Heidi, I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I'm glad I found your post about the pincushion. I have an 1880s edition of Ms. Leslie's book and haven't taken the time to make that particular one, though I love pincushions. I think I'll have to try it now!