Thursday, June 07, 2007

A room that makes me smile!

Many of my online friends know that I have not been pleased with my quilt studio for some time. It just is not 'my space' yet. I changed rooms about a year ago and since then have spent less time in it than before. It just doesn't feel like right to me. One item I had been hunting had been a small cupboard to hang and place my vintage and antique sewing accessories in.

This Tuesday evening, we had finished dinner and it was still early evening so I suggested to my husband that we go to IKEA (just a couple of minutes from our home) and walk around just for fun. They have started building up the items in the new collection for 2008. My eyes fell on this hanging cupboard that was part of the new collection that matches my desk. I did not think twice about it and we bought it. Yesterday, I decided I would put it together (for those who are not familiar with IKEA ~ the furniture comes in flatpacks) as far as I could myself. I laid it out on the guest bed and got started. I got to the point where it needed to be hung and had to wait for Jos to come home.

He hung the cupboard above my desk and then attached the hinges and doors. There are four glass shelves in the cupboard which is great as you can see all the items well, even on the higher shelves, while sitting at the desk.

This morning, I cleaned the shelves and started placing my sewing accesssories in the cupboard. I don't have a large collection but what I had always sat in a drawer waiting for somewhere to display them. I have won 3 vintage child's sewing machines on eBay and have room for one more. I have been trying to win a particular German child's machine and it will fit perfectly on the fourth shelf when I do finally succeed.

Here is a view of the cupboard with the doors open. I am so happy with what a major difference displaying my collection has made me feel. I now have a quilt studio that makes me smile. It has inspired me to go on to the next project in the room which I have been wanting to do and is really making the room feel more like the creative place I want it to be.

Do you have a room that makes you smile? Or a collection that you feel passionate about? I would love to hear about it!


Nancy said...

Beautiful cabinet Heidi, and I love the vintage sewing machines. I also feel it is very important that your rooms make you smile. I'm glad it feels more like you now.


Tanya said...

Wonderful cabinet! I love IKEA - lucky you to be so close to one ~ ours is 40 minutes away with no traffic. I don't have a room of my own, maybe one day when we have a house but in this condo, space is at a premium. I do have collections of stuff everywhere - does that count? LOL

Terri said...

I love, love,LOVE Ikea!
That little cabinet turned out nice, Heidi. Great Job!

Lavender Rose said...

Wow, Heidi!! The cabinet is one thing, but your collection is awesome! I love it!! What a wonderful display and a happy place to create. I'm so glad you have it!

Christine said...

Awesome Heidi! Thanks for letting us snoop at all your beautiful stitching treasures! What a treat!

Nenis said...


Beautiful colection!!!!!