Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank you Sonja!

My very dear friend Sonja made me these candles. I save my old candle stumps for her and she melts them down and makes new and beautiful candles from them. One is even a scented candle which she made from a large candle in a jar which I had. It smells so wonderful! She gave me these as a gift last night. Bedankt Sonja!!!

The photo was taken in my kitchen. The quilt you see is a small one block quilt I made some years ago. I have it over my toaster since it matches my kitchen perfectly.


Tanya said...

That quilt block is beautiful! You have a nice friend to re-make your candles for you :)

Nancy said...

What a special friend Sonja must be! Heidi I love your quilt block - the colors are beautiful. Your stitches look perfect! I'm sure your kitchen is a very pleasant place to be.