Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Autumn garden

The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of. The mite which November contributes becomes equal in value to the bounty of July.

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

Even in the autumn our gardens can be bright and beautiful. We went to the garden center and purchased some mums and winter violets in a warm rust color. Placed with some garden items and gourds and pumpkins, it really cheers a corner where plants have been going into their winter sleep already.


Nancy said...

Very pretty Heidi! The flowers and that adorable squirrel give the corner of your home a nice warm glow.


Angela said...

This scene looks so bright and cheerful. You are so creative. I love the pumpkin and flowers.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Standing the crate on its side is a great idea! Your corner looks lovely! The mums I planted several weeks ago are almost completely finished. We're now into the dreary part of fall ... not much colour left at all. It's nice knowing that in other parts of the world autumn is still in full bloom!