Thursday, November 09, 2006

Progress of my Autumn Leaves medallion quilt

I have finally had some time to spend on my Autumn Leaves medallion quilt again. Since I last showed you this, I have added a one inch border around the Chinese Coins followed by little two inch four-patch blocks. I now have to decide on the next border.

My three options are:
a. I stop here and quilt it then add a bias binding of the black fabric.
b. I add another one inch black border and then a border of the pumpkin orange (probably about 1 1/2 inches wide) and after quilting add an orange bias binding.
c. I add a border of black fabric and then quilt it and sew on a black bias binding.

I think I know which one I prefer but am going to think about it first today. Which one do you like best?


Anonymous said...

I like your quilt very much. I think the black border would be pretty, but you would know better. You have good judgement about such things.

Say, what is the time difference between you and the U.S.? Just wondering.

God bless!

Tanya said...

I vote for C. You'll need to email Prairie Schooler a picture of the finished quilt because it's just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi

I'm glad you found some time to spend on your quiltwork again. About your border: I like C for the best. Lots of succes. Greetings, Elly

Nancy said...

Hello Heidi,

This is exquisite no matter which decision you make for the finish - but I like stop here and add a black bias binding.

Enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

It's looking great, Heidi! I think I like option B the best (the black and orange border) ... of course, that one is the most work! :)

Angela said...

Hello there Heidi,
I just love the way your quilt is turning out.It is really beautiful.I must admit,I favour option b as I think the orange will echo the central design and lift the colour.You are so wonderfully creative,though,that I know whichever option you choose will definitely be the right one.
Warm hugs, Angela

diane said...

I like B. best with the black and orange border! All three will be beautiful, though. I agree, you should email a pic. to PS!!! It is amazing!

Annemarie said...

I think I prefer option A, but again, I'm as good as alone in my opinion, I see. Whatever you decide to do, the project is stunning!

Margaret said...

I like plan B best but know that whatever you decide this is going to be one gorgeous piece when finished.
You truly are aninspiration.

Lucy said...

I prefere plan A... You made this crossstitching perfect with the patchwork around!