Friday, September 08, 2006

Ladies of Covington

This week I finished the third book in the 'Ladies of Covington' series. The series is really wonderful. It is about three women in their prime who discover a deep friendship after all three ending up at the same boarding house. One inherits a house and they all three move to this charming farmhouse which they fix up and start a new life. I love these three ladies and wish Grace, Hannah and Amelia were my neighbors! Up to now, there are six books in the series. You can read more about it at . If you like books that really get involved in the various characters then this gentle read is a must.


Diane said...

I am going to check and see if my local library has this series! Thanks for the info. on them, I checked out the website too! Diane

Terri said...

I like these books too, Heidi. I am passing them on to my friend Marybeth, who is passing them on to someone else.
Thank you for introducing me to this series!