Monday, December 11, 2006

My Christmas basket ornaments

The last few months, I was very busy putting these Christmas basket ornaments together. They are from a magazine called 'For the Love of Quilting' by Fons and Porter. I do a 'Christmas in July' project each year for my quilt group. This was the project we did this July and I decided they would be fun to use for the ornament exchange I did with one of my Yahoo lists. All the ornaments have been sent out and since I just got mine, I know it is okay to share the ones I made with you.

These pentagon shapes are covered with fabric and then hand sewn together. I added small glass beads to the top edge along with a wired gold ribbon to hang them on the tree. The baskets are filled with a single red rose.


Nancy said...

This is one of the prettiest ornaments I have ever seen! Your workmanship is exquisite as always Heidi. Are these hard to make?


Tanya said...

These are gorgeous! They look so intricate - just beautiful :)

diane said...

What an awesome idea, they are really so pretty and so unique. I bet everyone who received them just marveled at your talent!

Joanne said...

As one of the recipients of these basket ornaments, I can say how pretty they are in "real life"!! I just love mine, Heidi!

Anonymous said...

Your little baskets are just amazing and make such wonderful presents. There must be some very happy ladies around! Your work is always exquisite.
Hugs, Angela

Tammy said...

I love my basket! I know how hard you worked on them, and that makes it even more special. Thank you!